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Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I choose a Genuine Comfort Product?

Our products are industry-proven - they've been in the industry for about 9 years - and are backed by our warranty which covers 1 year of full-unit replacement and 6 years parts replacement (PTAC) and 5 years parts replacement (AC). Our ACs and PTACs are kept in stock all year so that we have them available when you need them, and at an affordable price.

What benefit do I get from ordering from you over my usual AC or PTAC provider?

We offer a number of  advantages over our competitors that help you maximize your ROI. Our local distribution can help reduce your shipping costs signficantly, as well as reduce the lead time required for you to get your product, meaning you can increase your room uptime and sell your hotel room again faster and/or reduce guest or occupancy complaints from having a non-functioning unit. Our unit prices are always competitive as well and we are able to service individual or bulk needs for our customers.

How does your PTAC product compare to other PTACs in the industry?

Our PTACs are comparable to any PTAC in the industry. We don't believe in making bold claims about our products because at the end of the day a PTAC is a PTAC. That said, Our products are comparable or better than the indistry standard for quality, functionality, noise, cooling/heating, efficiency and meet your sizing needs . We care about providing our customers with a product of comparable quality quicker than anyone elseand our warranty and our  is our seal of faith in our products.

My room is down - I need a new PTAC. How fast can you get me one?

If we have all of the info we can typically have a replacement to you in about 48-72 hours.

Do you carry PTAC replacement parts?

Yes, we stock replacement parts for our PTACs year-round and we carry replacement parts for brands like Amana, Applied Comfort, Perfect Comfort etc.. We can also source just about any part for our customers as well on an as-need basis.

Do you guys do service calls or installations?

We are a distribution company - we don't do service or installs, but we will work with your on-site staff to ensure they have the resources they need to maintain and upkeep any Genuine Comfort product.