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Our Genuine Comfort brand is a reflection of who we are – a company committed to delivering the best products & service for YOU, so that YOU can be the Hero for your guests and tenants!


Our History

Genuine Comfort was founded in 2010 by owner Jordan  Hammond, and has evolved to become a room air conditioning equipment distributor to the multi-family residential (Apartment and Senior Living Communities) and hospitality markets (Hotels) across Canada & Mid-North USA.

Genuine Comfort Acquires NRG Equipment

In October 2020, Genuine Comfort grew with the acquisition of NRG Equipment Inc. and the Perfect Comfort brand ( This was an exciting addition, as NRG Equipment has a long history of being a major distributor and player in the Room-Air / HVAC space in Canada and North America.

NRG Equipment Inc. was founded in July of 1993 by the Pilling Family, and has enjoyed much success over the past 27 years.  The company began as a family-run company, mainly manufacturing retrofit replacement air conditioners and new construction packaged terminal air conditioners (PTAC’s) as well. Over the years it grew to become a significant player in the Room-Air space as distributors of standard and non-standard heating and cooling equipment.

In acquiring NRG Equipment, we’ve increased our product capacity and lineup, as well as increased our reach and ability to better service the GTA and Eastern Canada. We’ve also increased our vendor relationships, and our ability to provide superior Room-Air products to you and your properties, including after-sales service for Parts and Warranty Service. We also can effectively follow through with our commitment to have locally stocked, quickly-and-efficiently-delivered products in Eastern areas, while providing the same high quality products and service to all of our existing and new customers across Canada and into the US.

Genuine Comfort Acquires Avalanche 21

In April of 2021, Genuine Comfort was pleased to agree to terms to acquire Avalanche 21 Inc. from long-time owner Mathieu Legault, a staple commercial room-air distributor in Eastern Canada. The acquisition of Avalanche 21 has added a wealth of experience to our team, increased the company’s distribution network Canada-wide, and strengthened relationships and core competencies for local, year-round product availability for all customers moving forward.
We look forward to welcoming any of our new NRG Equipment Inc. and Avalanche 21 customers into the Genuine Comfort family, and to continuing our growth to become the premier distributor of Room-Air products in Canada through these acquisitions and our pursuit of excellence for our customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver comfort consistently for our clients so that they can be the heroes for their guests and tenants. We accomplish this through a specific focus and expertise that serves our clients and facilitates long term, repeat business win-win relationships.

Our Vision

To be Canada’s local leader in distribution of room-air products and the most reliable company in the industry for quality products, service, and expertise that provide Genuine Comfort for you and your guests.

Our Core Values - Keeping It COOL

The culture at Genuine Comfort is built on our shared core values – Effective communication, operating with common sense, taking ownership and a relentless strive to learn and grow.    

Communicating effectively means that we communicate openly, honestly, timely, directly, and confidently.    

We DON’T communicate vaguely or assume people know what we are talking about.    

Operating with common sense. We use common sense to make decisions quickly and as accurately as possible, with the thinking that a mistake made from a quick decision is better than no decision at all.    

We DON’T do red tape.  

Owning it. We go the extra mile and are 100% responsible for our performance and results – including the responsibility to ask for help or training when we need it.    

We DON’T pass the buck or make excuses.  

Learning and growing refers to our embrace of change and stepping outside of our comfort zone.  We challenge ourselves and get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Our business is growing rapidly and we know that if we don’t learn and grow along with it that we will be left behind.  

We DON’T get comfortable or complacent.  

We hire, fire, review, reward, and recognize our team members based on these characteristics, so it’s important that you share these values to be part of our team.

Our Core Products

We specialize in providing various types of air conditioners such as Through-The-Wall, Window, Portable and Vertical ACs as well commercial grade Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners (PTACs), parts and accessories for our clients.

Our Commitment To You

We aim to provide you and your staff with Genuine Comfort through our commitment to our company LAW:

1. Local distribution to reduce your shipping costs and increase room uptimes.
2. Availability of your key room-air products year-round, delivered on time & error free.
3. Warranty coverage that reflects the quality and value of the products you need, to give you peace of mind.

Once you begin a partnership with us, we will continuously work to earn your business and ensure you have the products you need, when you need them, year after year. We cherish the opportunity to be our clients’ “Room AC & PTAC Guys” and we are always looking for ways to learn and grow together.
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