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Welcome to Genuine Comfort – where reliability meets comfort! Picture this: back in 2010, our founder Jordan Hammond looked around the Room AC industry and thought, “We can do better.” Industry lead times were dragging, delivery charges were sky-high, and stock availability was hard to lock down.

So, what did we do? We made it our mission to shake things up – create a distribution system that’s as reliable as your morning coffee. No more crossing fingers and hoping for the best. We’re all about making your life stress-free, emergency or not!

Fast forward to today – we’ve got six warehouses across Canada, strategically placed like gas stations on the Trans Canada. Why? To drastically cut down lead times and give you a break on delivery costs. We’ve become the go-to for unit replacements, Canada’s #1, to be exact.

We didn’t stop there though. In addition to our reliable distribution system, we offer the industry’s best warranty on units and parts. At Genuine Comfort, we’re not just selling PTACs and ACs – we’re delivering comfort consistently. We want to be the experts you can count on. So, go ahead and get comfy. We’ve got your back!

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What We Bring To The Table

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Distribution System

We bring the products you need closer to you. Our large distribution system consists of 6 key warehouses strategically placed across Canada.

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Lead Times

We carry key PTAC & AC products on hand year-round. Replace what you need quickly without a fear or doubt.

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We ensure our units are safety and industry certified. Our PTAC, VTAC, and AC units are the industry standard for noise levels, performance, & reliability.

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Leading Warranty

We provide industry leading warranty on units and parts. Our Genuine Care Warranty coverage is simple, accessible, and reliable, so you can focus on managing your property.

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Priced Services

We offer great value on our units and parts. Maximize your budget while adding value to your property with a high-quality unit at an affordable price.

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Bulk Orders,
Rehabs, & Projects

We source large PTAC, VTAC, & AC orders at a great value. Our experts ensure you get your orders on site, on time, and ready to install.

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