Product 101: Comparing Air Conditioners

Various Air Conditioner units sit nicely on white product pedestals in front of a blue and white backdrop

product 101 COMPARING AIR CONDITIONERS Summary What are the differences between portable, window, and thru-the-wall air conditioners? As summer weather heats up and temperatures rise, finding the right air conditioning unit for your property can mean the difference between happy or unhappy (and sweaty) guests.   In this post, we cover the main differences between portable, […]

Product 101: What are PTACs, VTACs, and ACs?

product 101 WHAT ARE PTACs, VTACs, & ACs? Summary What are PTACs, ACs, and VTACs — and what are the differences!? We’re glad you asked. In this blog post, we’ll touch upon the key differences between Air Conditioners, Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners, and Vertical Terminal Air Conditioners. You’ll learn about each unit’s benefits and how […]

Product 101: Size Matters

Two rows of HVAC AC and PTAC units lined up against a purple backdrop

product 101 size matters Summary Size matters — yeah we said it! When it comes to choosing the right PTAC, VTAC, or AC unit for your building’s suite it’s important to take into account your room size.  Today, we’re diving deep into the world of PTACs, ACs, and VTACs – and we’re leaving the jargon […]