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Please Welcome Our New COO

We’re excited to announce a new member has joined the Genuine Comfort team! Please give a warm welcome to Dean Ivankovich, our new Chief Operating Officer. 

Dean joined our team in May of 2024 and brings over 20 years of executive leadership experience driving significant growth and capability improvement. His experience spans numerous industries, companies, functions and international markets, and includes a strong focus on strategic planning, operational excellence and execution as well as exceptional customer experience. In his recent career, Dean led two organizations to successful sales of the business, delivered two effective performance turn arounds, and significantly helped an organization grow from $10M to $80M in three years. His mandate and dedication at Genuine Comfort focuses on capability improvement, leadership and team development, operational excellence, customer delight, and ultimately the successful attainment of the company’s vision and goals.

The Go-To For New Construction Projects

State Street Apartments adds 53 GC PTAC units to new construction build

We’re proud to partner with State Street Apartments as a supplier of quality heat pump PTACs for its new construction build in Fredericton, Manitoba. Stately Court will be equipped with 53 Prestige heat pump PTAC units. 

The new build will be fully constructed cul-de-sac street that proposes a mixed use building layout with ground floor commercial use and above-ground residential use. The proposed layout is intended to prioritize the streetscape. The new build will provide layout options for 51 townhomes and 36 apartment units!

We look forward to seeing this exciting project progress to completion. 

State Street Apartments At A Glance


Apartment Units




Heat Pump PTACs

A crane builds a hotel building against a beautiful orange sunset.

Upcoming Events

Providence, Rhode Island

BWH East Regionals

May 14, 2024 | Booth #27

Montreal, Quebec

HAC Conference 2024

May 22-24, 2024 | Booth #8


Journey To Tomorrow

We’ve joined IHG’s ‘Journey To Tomorrow’ program

The ‘Journey To Tomorrow’ program aims to create a brighter and more responsible future for the travel and hospitality industries. As a new partner of IHG’s Journey To Tomorrow, we’re proud to support IHG’s progress toward achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

We look forward to contributing to this milestone by delivering energy efficient PTAC products

Now Preferred Vendor For Best Western Hotels

As an Endorsed Supplier for BWH, one of the industry’s largest leaders, we’re dedicated to providing quality PTAC units, parts, and accessories that exceed industry standards and deliver comfort consistently. 

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