Boost Your Property Cooling

man who is very hot and sweaty sits at a desk in front of a computer with a fan blowing on him

How to boost Your Property cooling Summary When the summer heat hits — it hits HARD. Keeping your property cool during the hottest summer days can sometimes seem impossible, but don’t sweat it! In this short guide, we’ll provide some tips for boosting your property’s cooling efficiency, so your tenants and guests can stay cool […]

Increase the Lifespan of your PTAC

A 42" PTAC sits on a product display mount with a halo of white light around it

How to: increase your ptac unit’s lifespan Summary Cleaning and maintaining your PTAC unit could be the difference between an early and costly replacement or not. When it comes to PTAC units, they need to be maintained annually to maintain efficiency and increase their lifespan. You wouldn’t drive your car without oil or gas, right? […]

PTAC & AC Unit Size Matters

Two rows of HVAC AC and PTAC units lined up against a purple backdrop

product 101 size matters Summary Size matters — yeah we said it! When it comes to choosing the right PTAC, VTAC, or AC unit for your building’s suite it’s important to take into account your room size.  Today, we’re diving deep into the world of PTACs, ACs, and VTACs – and we’re leaving the jargon […]