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April e-newsletter


Welcome to the first edition of the Comfort Chronicles, an inside look into Canada’s top PTAC supplier. The Comfort Chronicles serves as a monthly summary of events, news, and highlights. This month’s Comfort Chronicles includes a how-to guide on increasing the lifespan of your PTAC unit, a summary of upcoming events GC is attending, and a special company announcement including IHG and Best Western Hotels!

This month, we’ll be discussing: how to calculate the right size unit for your room, some upcoming events we’ll be attending, as well as a recap of last month.

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Monthly Guide

How to: Increase the lifespan of your PTAC unit


Clean & Replace Filters


Clean Room-Side Front Cover


Check PTAC Blower Wheel


Tidy Indoor & Outdoor Coils


Complete Seasonal Check-Ups

1. Clean & replace filters

Keeping PTAC unit filters clean is crucial to preserving the health of your units. Much like oil in a car, filters need to be changed every 3-6 months to prevent the unit from dying.

2. Clean room-side front cover

Remove and clean a unit’s front cover monthly to maintain unit longevity. Use a vacuum and mild cleaning agent to remove debris, but make sure everything is dry before powering the unit back on!

3. Check PTAC blower wheel

Ensure the unit’s blower wheel is free of debris! By maintaining a clean blower fan you can decrease the amount of energy your PTAC is using to stay powered. Try sliding a piece of cardboard in between the blower fan and unit opening to prevent debris build up.

4. Tidy indoor & outdoor coils

Much like your unit’s filters, coils must also be well maintained to increase the longevity of your unit. Coils should be replaced or cleaned every 1-2 years!

5. Complete seasonal check-ups

Staying on top of your seasonal check-ups is crucial to maintaining your unit’s health. The closer your PTAC unit is installed to the ground level, the more dust, dirt, and debris it will accumulate. Make sure to inspect ground and lower level units annually for maintenance.

Upcoming Events

See you at CHIC, MHA, and BCHA!

Below are the following events, tradeshows, and conferences you can expect to see us at in April/Early May. Follow our LinkedIn for more information on where we’ll be and what we’ll be discussing.

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CHIC 2024

April 8-9, 2024
Toronto, Ontario

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MHA 2024

April 23, 2024
Winnipeg, Manitoba

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BCHA 2024

May 1-2, 2024
Whistler, British Columbia

Company News

Genuine Comfort becomes a preferred PTAC supplier for BWH & IHG

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Best Western Hotels and IHG Hotels & Resorts!

We’re dedicated to providing both BWH Hotels and IHG with quality PTAC units and accessories that exceed industry standards and increase guest satisfaction throughout flagship hotels. 

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